Thursday, June 10, 2010

This is what i do

i drink red wine.
i sit on the balcony and watch the sun fade over the buildings and wonder when i can harvest my coriander seeds.
i make popcorn and dance in the kitchen with my love.
i pour more wine and go inside and turn the jukebox on.
i play every song that makes me feel alive and creates that mixture of happy/sad that only gets better with
more wine
i watch my love play video games based on vengeance and relax at the release,
i pour more wine and book two tickets to the gulf coast of paradise and pray
we make it there before the oil slick.
i dream of the rental car and the satellite radio and the condo we like to pretend is ours.
i count the days.
and i savor these minutes when we are drunk and in love and forgetful
of everything else.

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Danielle said...

Now that's a beautiful, love-filled evening.

m said...

oh snap, you're too quick Dani!

I went online this morning thinking JFC what did I do on my blog last night? And wondering if I could quietly sneak in and just delete. Posting from a phone is a dangerous thing.

But there it is, and you are here, and yes, it was a beautiful, love-filled evening.

And there is 16 more days until vacation.

loribeth said...

You go, girl!! : )

I've had questions along the line of your last post too, & it irks me to no end -- the implication that we don't do anything of value or interest or worth if we're not parents.

Beautiful response.

jill said...

Sounds like a great night to me!

Woo! I didn't know you had your first 5k coming up! You will probably be surprised how much easier it is than you think. I was so nervous and I had been sick (including major coughing) for a couple weeks before so I hadn't run and felt so under-prepared. It went fine. I didn't jog nearly as much as I wanted to but I still finished in an ok time and now I have the courage to do another!

The crowds are annoying. I'm not sure how big your 5k is but there were ~9k people at mine. In the beginning, when I was standing way behind the starting line, it was shoulder to shoulder. Oh, bring your own watch (or something) so you can time your actual time from when you cross the starting line. I'd say it took a good 20 mins for everyone to be spread out enough to not be held up but after that, even though there were a ton of people, it was easy to focus inwardly, go around, and ignore them.

Wishing you luck! I'll be there in spirit cheering for you! :)

Kami said...

Lovely! It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside imagining it.

What do you do?! I read that post, but didn't have a chance to comment. I wanted to say that . . . well, just as you said today.

I have a harder time telling people what I DID prior to our little ones coming into our lives than I do now. The other day I was horrified to discover that I had nothing to say outside of politics or baby stuff at a dinner party.

Have a great vacation too. I will be looking forward to hearing about some of your highlights.

LJ said...

I freaking love this post. I just do.