Tuesday, February 28, 2012

424 Posts

That's what I have to show for five years in the blogosphere. Five years! Whoa. I'm an oldster. Don't stare at my gray hairs. I've earned every single one. (But you would tell me if you saw one, right? Because I will dye the shit out of it.)

Does one get presents for a blogoversary? Considering I don't get any for my actual anniversary, I'm guessing odds are slim. But just in case the goddesses (or my husband) are listening....

Could someone clean my bathroom?

That would be so great. M has been giving me some shit about it for a few days now and I'm a little tired of it. Yes, my bathroom is cruddier than yours, I tell him. That's because my bathroom is where everything ends up when we get company and you get thrown out of yours. And I have far more hair. Long, long strands of hair that like to wind and weave their ways into strange places, I know. My bathroom gets far more traffic since its the one connected to our bedroom. It's the deep dark den of a bathroom so of course its not going to shine and sparkle like the spartan room of tile you happen to shower in.


If something's dirty and its bothering me, I clean it. If my bathroom is dirty and bothering M, I think he should clean it, no?

I'm going to remind him today's a special day, not tell him why, and watch him stress just a bit.

I'm finding it hard to blog today, because these days, I'm eating, sleeping, dreaming advocacy strategies and next steps. Who to see. What to say. How to follow up. I've got my game face on and even when I'm on the couch chilling with M. watching F*nding B*gfoot, I'm kind of not really 100% there. I'm thinking about my day job. So, in line with my current frame of mind I'm presenting to you both a timeline and a statistical overview of our five years together:

February 28th through the yeeeeears (minus the Kenny Rodgers song that's now stuck in my head):
  • 2007 - opening day
  • 2008 - two canceled cycles and one fresh IVF down, I was in the midst of our first frozen embryo transfer and feeling lucky (wasn't, but I think I might been on an uber exercise kick back then. Maybe a few pounds lighter. Go me.)
  • 2009 - still in that funky place of grief, processing that between this year and the last I was pregnant and then I wasn't. I'm intermittently disconsolate and ridiculously upbeat. Here, I'm looking to the future, with a balloon up in my cooch (post-surgery)
  • 2010 - looks like I skipped a celebration this year. 2010 kicked our asses all over the place. Don't feel like you have to click on this one. It's kind of a downer.
  • 2011 - Seeing half of Ween. The Gener. Feeling older, feeling wiser. Not a bad thing.
  • 2012 - It seems I am kvetching about a dirty bathroom.
  • 2013 - ???????
5 years of www.themaybebaby.com in numbers:

1825 days
424 posts
4 canceled cycles (2 due to donor eggs issues, 1 with eggs didn't make the thaw, and one when we realized my lining wasn't going to magically grow 4 more mm in a night)
2 fresh IVFs with donor eggs
2 FETs with donor eggs
1 pregnancy
almost 22 weeks of bliss
2 beautiful babies not here
100+ amazing people encountered, including over a dozen that have turned into real life friends.
4 offers of compassionate surrogacy
1 potential baby mama in the works....

Yes, friends, we've cleared another hurdle. Our potential gestational surrogate passed our clinic's medical record review. (woo hoo! cue streamers and balloons. This is kind of a big deal) Now we are scheduling a marathon day of exams for her, for us, for us together. Whew. forward motion. It's a beautiful thing. And a lovely gift for my five year blogoversary.

I suppose the bathroom can wait.

So hey, thanks for being here. Thank you for reading. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinions. I see this as my safe place. I hope you do too.


Carla said...

yes! You are moving forward!!! I hope this continues to go well! Wonderful news!

Heather said...

What a ride. I love, LOVE where it is heading right now. Love.

Nadine said...

Well this is comment number 5, apparently I'm a robot because I can't enter the dam info right.

Happy Blogoversary! Glad that everything is moving forward with the GS.

Monique said...

Yippee! I hope things continue in the same direction. Remembering your 2 beautiful and much wanted babies.

Gil said...

Happy Blogoversary! And oh wow, yay for forward motion! This is GOOD news! :)

Danielle said...

Happy blogoversary- with lots of emphasis on the happy. Sending out lots of excited/hopeful/demanding vibes into the universe for this next step.

Anonymous said...

Happy blogoversary. And I'm so happy to hear this news. Can't. wait.
Sarah H.

Lori Lavender Luz said...

It makes me so happy that you're older than I am. In the blogosphere, anyway :-).

Happy blogoversary!!

I'm very excited about your news, m!

Clare (smiling scar) said...

hell ya that bathroom can wait!!! That is great news. I can't believe its been 424 posts... and that many years. I'm with heather -- I really love where this is headed right now.

In the meantime, feel free to go kick some serious A** in advocacy (you know between celebrating and scheduling and all the details of this piece of your life) because I seriously think I am not the only one who hopes you shake some sense into them!!! game face on!

badbadwebbis said...

So 1 dirty bathroom + 1 piece of amazing news. Well, the bathroom can just suck it.

Now go clean your bathroom in case the people who pass judgment on you regarding your baby mama find your blog and decide that you are inadequate.

Hope's Mama said...

It is always my pleasure to read here. Happy five years to you.

m said...

thank you friends! Oh webbis, can't I just shut the door and lead them towards M's sparkly clean one? :-)

I promise I will have a clean bathroom by the time a baby arrives.

still life angie said...

YES! Happy blogoversary!

TracyOC said...

Happy five years to you. Keeping my fingers crossed for more forward movement.