Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Sorry, sorry for the delay. Here's a look at our busy July:

  • Thursday, July 12th - ultrasound and bloodwork (to make sure my womb is a happy home), mock transfer (practice run)
  • Friday and Saturday, July 13th and 14th - round two of my parents' moving sale
  • Thursday, July 19th (approx) - egg retrieval from donor, sperm retrieval from hubby
  • Sunday, July 22nd (approx) - one of our best pal B's birthday and embryo transfer
  • Monday, July 23rd - chilling out at home; Mandatory 24 hrs. bed rest. yes!
  • Wednesday and Thursday, July 25th and 26th - mega meetings at work; practice pretending a potentially life-changing event hasn't just occurred.
  • Friday, July 27th - Tuesday, July 31st - finishing touches on my parents' move and closure on their house. Next steps...finding them a place to be.

So, that's the news.

Last night we were out with some friends, one of whom knows the deal. Once we were alone, she couldn't stop talking about how excited she was for us and how she couldn't stop thinking about us and the future. It was really lovely and affirming. We have spent the past week so stressed about changes in my parents' lives, we really haven't had time to be excited about our own. Our focus has been timing and when/if to tell, logistics, pros and cons of parents in another state. (Pros: they're not here. Cons: they're not here.) It was nice to just sit back and dream about some what ifs with people we love.


H said...

Hi M

Thanks for your post on my site, the best luck with your program, you must be so excited.


Drowned Girl said...

Oh my goodness, are we cycle buddies or what! If I don't get my FET cancelled again this month for some reason or t'other.. I think my ET will be 21st or 22nd of July!

So nice to have company.

daisy said...

It's right around the corner for you and drowned girl. There is so much going on in the month of July. All fingers crossed for things to go exactly as you are hoping. HUGS