Sunday, July 29, 2007

H*ll, that's not so bad.

PrideFest took over our city this weekend. We drove past the riverfront celebration on the way to my parents house. It was rocking! Of course, there were the predictable protesters perched across the street, but not nearly as many as years past. One particularly pinched and angry looking woman held a sign with an arrow towards the laughing and amiable rainbow-swathed crowd. It said:

This Way to Hell.

Well, hell, hell looked pretty fun. And if hell has a beer tent and live music, I don't feel so bad about skipping out on church for the past, oh twenty years.


Rachel said...

Yeah, I hate those signs too. I always want to scribble them out or make a sign with a good come back.

Anonymous said...

As a surrogate mom for a gay couple, I actually have a letter from my grandmother telling me that I'm going to hell. That being said, I'm with you ~ looks like a fun place to me!

Anonymous said...

hey, i'm jealous! i wanna go to hell with you!!!
(oh wait.....i'm a lesbian! i already have a ticket!!!!)

bring on the beer tents and drag queens!!!!!


daisy said...

In the past, I have been kinda happy to see the signs. It lets other people know that there is still so much hostility out there. It makes fair minded people realize that we still aren't safe and free.

We actually saw a very hostile sign at an Earth festival. It said something about...stop worrying about the planet and save your soul from Hell, but there was much more. Our 7 year old was very troubled by it and asked why someone would write such bad things. I had a moment of wisdom and said, "I guess it is such a ridiculous idea (going to Hell if you care about the planet) that they have to try and scare people into believing them." She accepted that and I was finally was able to explain it simply.