Monday, July 23, 2007

Occupational Hazards

Things to remember when working from home:

  1. When you are writing an email and fuming over yet another last minute assignment/deadline that your boss has just given you, make sure you hit "forward" and not "reply." ***
  2. Shades or curtains in a bathroom really are necessities. This is easy to remember when you are dashing to the bathroom and find you have to hold your pee because workers are waving hello to you as they fix the drainage pipes (har har) on your building.
  3. Phone headsets should be removed before attempting said dash to bathroom. Failure to do so could result in toppled computer equipment, headsets tangled in hair and potential damage to earrings, clothes and other jewelry.

***Luckily, I was able to reach my co-worker who has access to my boss's inbox before the offending message was read. (we think). Thank you, L. You are the bomb.

1 comment:

daisy said...

I have to admit...I have done number 1 on your list. Lucky for me I was the IT manager so I deleted it myself and for many others who meant to 'forward' an e-mail from a client, but instead hit 'reply'. Those buttons should be moved apart on the screen, don't you think?

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