Friday, July 13, 2007

No Fat Ladies Singing....

....Yet. But they are warming up in the wings.

Our donor responded, just a bit, just a little bit, to the increase in meds. They are going to keep her on them until Monday and then bring her in for another ultrasound and some blood work. We are supposed to stay the course as well. Nurse said she is not hopeful that we can continue this cycle, but on the off chance that miracles happen over the weekend, we need to be ready.

What makes me optimistic and keeps me from jumping over my balcony ledge is that they are continuing to collect information for a possible future cycle with this same donor. Would starting at a higher level of hormones solve the problem? Do we need a different protocol altogether? I so appreciate that they see the strong connection we have to this woman and want to learn everything they can before telling us that we need to move on.

I also got the go ahead to have a glass of wine (or two) with dinner tonight. I moaned to Nurse that we've been living a monk's lifestyle in preparation for the retrieval. But then hubby reminded me that monks drink.