Friday, November 13, 2009

and this is why we post

I've been having a pretty running dialog with my selves lately about the value and point of blogging. Why is it, exactly, that I continue to invite a large number of known and unknown individuals into my life, into my bedroom, good lord up into the stirrups with me? Does it make things better? Worse? Does it allow me to function better in real life, or does it cultivate a crutch that I can lean on when I don't want to deal with any of that? Why the need to divulge all that is often not even spoken in real life? Is a blog a manifestation of the ego? Id? Superego, even? Or is it just a place where I can tell Freud to blow me?

Yes, I'm sure Siggy would have something to say about my latter remark. Of course.

But all I know is this:

Posting in the a.m., stepping out for a bit to purchase a gorgeous moto.rola piece of an.droid phone magnificence and then returning to find a fistfull of comments from familiar voices and names is just about the greatest way to end a week. Is there anything better?

Thank you so much. Feeling your good vibes already. And really, that's what broke my silence (well, that and my utter lack of willpower). I think I was fooling myself thinking I'd want to go into this without my girls.

And doods, you need to go get this phone. I can't remember the last time a consumer good made my heart flutter. This has turned out to be a pretty great day after all.


Just me said...

Oooh. Is that with ver.izon? I think that was the phone I was considering. I have a simple little phone, but it seemed like the droid was calling my name... hmmmmmm

Clare said...

:) may your day just keep on being good/better!

still life angie said...

The blogging questions are great. I think I have the same ones flying through my brain on a day to day basis. What is this blogging thing and why am I attracted to it?

xo. Tomorrow is a magic day. It was the day my husband was born many decades ago.

Sue said...

Good luck on Sunday - I'll be thinking of you, M and your little embryo.

Bluebird said...

You opening paragraph seriously cracked me and my psych-major background up :)

I used to wonder the same things myself. But the other day when I declared to B that "this was the best thing that ever happened to me" (not meaning, like, *ever* ever, but - you know!) I just gave up and stopped wondering ;)

Wishing you a peaceful day today, you'll be on my mind!

Anonymous said...

I got my droid on Thursday, and like you, I absolutely love it.
Sending you more good vibes, and I hope that everything went beautiful this morning!