Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lest You Get the Wrong Impression

I think my last post came out far more snarky than I meant it to. Sorry about that.

In fact, I think most everything that I've written lately has this underlying growl to it. Like you can almost see me, face scrunched up, shoulders hunched, arms crossed, harumphing at the world.

That visual makes me laugh. And it should. Because its funny. And silly. And downright ridiculous.

I honestly don't walk around all day every day face scrunched up, shoulders hunched, arms crossed, harumphing at the world. In fact, most days I even smile and laugh. I promise.

Lot on my mind these days. And I am so sorry that you are only catching a glimpse of the piece that has me looking like a troll. Why is that the one that finds itself to print the easiest? Back. Back you ugly thing!


Here's an update on the guests or no guests debate: wrote to band and said our home was their home. They wrote back and said, thanks so much but we think we're good - staying with a member of another band we're playing with, but still can't wait to see you.

So, good news all around. Glad we invited. Gladder they said no thanks. Happy there are options; happier there are no obligations.

Many, many thanks for your input. And many, many hugs and thoughts as so many of you approach your own days ahead. Would love to hear more about how you choose to spend them.


Anonymous said...

It is your blog. You are allowed to be snarky or barky. We are here to listen. *hugs*

Kate said...

Well, hopefully you'll now be able to spend the day the way you want to, and then have an awesome time at their concert in the evening.
And you don't sound overly troll-like to me in your posts. Just pretty normal!

Mo said...

I love the image of you all scrunched up and growly, altho that's not how you come across to me. It is funny how these blog posts only give a glimpse of a piece of us. no wrong impression given.


nancy said...

I freaking love that you used the word "snarky" and loved the "harumphing at the world" even more. Heh. It was a good visual!

(what band are you talking about?)

Two Shorten the Road said...

I don't think you sound grumpy. I think this is just where you let it all out, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Dani819 said...

Not snarky at all- just honest. And very well said.

I'll send you a separate email about what we decided to do with our day- it involves community service and chocolate. Glad your invitation was well received- and sort of relieved for you that you don't have to host.

Clare said...

You sound fine.. not snarky at all, or do I just have a lower bar, either way, I like it!

As for my days ahead, tonight was fireworks on the beach with a bonfire, but that is only legally allowed 1 night a year in my town so I guess I best getting inventing because I have 364 nights to make as good as tonight!

Kami said...

I laughed at your visualization too. I can see myself in the same pose.

Glad things worked out well with the band.