Monday, November 30, 2009

"Releasing my Inner Nonsense"

I love this new take on a sun salutation so much, I need to link to it right here. No, no a bookmark isn't sufficient. I have a gajillion of those. So here. Here it is. Many thanks to Lucky Life (new blogger, holla!) for sharing. Now go get peaceful, ya'll. I am. As soon as I get back from happy hour tonight.

Just kidding.

I'll probably do it before.


Dani819 said...

love it! That inner nonsense is taking up a lot of room in there.

vw= outanki, which sounds like a very mystical way of saying, "Begone, inner nonsense- Out, tanki!"

Monica said...

Nice! I love that. I too am not "religious" per se, but always open to spiritual-ish sorts of things like this. Inner nonsense...I think my friends wish I could lose some of the outer nonsense too.

Enjoy that happy hour.

mash said...

Ha ha ha ha! Thanks maybebaby.

If I had a clue how to switch on an RSS feed I would, but watch this space. I'm only a humble software developer, things like switching on RSS feeds and programming the video machine (yes I still have one) scare me.