Thursday, November 19, 2009

And Another Thing (or Two)

Thoughts on season 10:
Anya is a dead ringer for M's little cousin.
Lauren reminds me completely of Montana from Real World Boston, but skinny.
What's the deal with the silver haired kid? Isn't he a Queer Eye cast off?
Or the sparkly eyebrow dude? Runway Trainer? Trainer? Really? Is this the new code for bitchy wanna be ms. thang? Unbelievable. People get paid for this.
And Paulina? Really? Weren't you in a Cars video? When I was 7? Isn't your advice a little, um, dated?
And back to the "plus sized" girl. Ok, in my heart I want to root for her, but girl, stop. Being a size ten is not a "daily struggle" nor is it a "burden." I want to cheer for her I really, really do, but when I squint she looks just like my best friend from 5th and 6th grade that stole all my "boyfriends" with her big boobs and knowing ways.
So, I can't.
The girl with the least camera time happens to be my favorite. Oh Kasia, why oh why can't anyone say your gorgeous name right?


And still I watch.


Smiling said...

Oh I am highly amused!!! I do the same thing with TV shows, but not that particular one... hang in there! Enjoy this phase while it lasts:) hehehe

still life angie said...

Cripes, I love ANTM. Well, I love fiascos, and that show is a hot mess. I watched some of those shows today too, though I have seen that series upteen times. Did you see any of the short girl ANTM? Giantess Tyra looks at the girls in her most heartfelt Tyra way and says, "With your disability (being 5'7" and shorter) you will face many obstacle in your life. In the modeling world, there is still some things you can do, you can do commercials, for example. Or even face modeling, or hand modeling." Get your kejunkajunk in gear, ladies.

Mother Knows Best Reviews said...

I am totally with you - the Mr. and Ms. Jay thing kind of drives me insane. Tyra really, really drives me nuts, but I can't help watching despite it!

Monica said...

I'm with Smiling - my current TV show is 30 Rock but haven't witnessed any disturbing plot or character shifts just yet. You're making me look forward to it though..