Saturday, November 14, 2009

Waiting for the Two Week Wait

To Do pre-24 hour bedrest:
  1. Clean apartment
  2. Laundry
  3. water plants and all other household tasks that near that mystical "lift no more than 10 lbs." restriction
  4. clear out the fridge - some of those veggies are looking suspect - soup it is!
  5. Ensure that M's parents will come feed us tomorrow evening (thank you!)
  6. Ensure that M will be able to fend for himself with dinners for at least the first few days - soup it is!
  7. turn off any "I am online" notifications that connect to work
  8. sort out the new love of my life (for right now, anyways) so I can surf while on bedrest and not feel the wrath of hubby for having a large piece of electronics too near my loins (aka laptop)
  9. gather all New Yorkers and Economists together that I haven't read and pretend like I will actually read them (unlikely. See #6)
  10. gather piles of yarn and knitting books, set them by the bed and resurrect the idea that I will make fabulous Etsy-worthy handmade goodness for all my friends for the holidays this year.
  11. unwrap untouched embroidery thread - repeat #8
  12. make lists of all of the ambitious projects I will accomplish while the rest of my office is distracted with the conference
  13. think about what I want to pack for the amazing babyloss retreat in OCNJ (Ocean City, New Jersey) that I will be leaving for on Friday (less than a week!)
  14. Breathe.


Monica said...

I like your list. Especially the last thing - breathe. I need to pause and do that more consciously, too. Oh, and thanks for reminding me also to check out the veggies in the fridge for mysterious stenches and textures. ;-)

Kate said...

Hope a beauty is waiting for you tomorrow! And enjoy your relaxing time - I guess after today's efforts, you'll need the break!

Dani819 said...

Wow. Impressive. My whole list is basically about shaving my legs so I don't embarrass myself at the doctor's office.

Fingers crossed and sending love and hope.

Bluebird said...

Hope your soup turns out good. You'll have to share your recipe with me, I'm more prone to casseroles when I need to use stuff up :)

And yes, breathe. Definitely breathe.

Jendeis said...

Good luck with your transfer!

Also, I do plan on attending the Yoga for Fertility Retreat, so if my smiling self is added incentive, be sure to come!

Lani said...

great list! sounds like you shall be well rested for our retreat!!!

Anonymous said...

*hugs* hoping all goes well.

still life angie said...

Thinking of your beautiful self this morning. With much love.

tireegal68 said...

Wow that is a serious to do list ! I have similar ones in my head at any given moment. Thinking happy thoughts for the big day:)

dana said...

thoughts of you & M and crossing my fingers...and everything else.