Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Is Nothing Sacred?

Days like today make me so, SO thankful I have kept this blog semi-confidential. Sure there's my twitter feed down there and of course most of you know me by my real name. But getting there from here is one thing. Landing here from there is another. And, to the best of my knowledge, there is no there to here. Not on F.B. Not on Twitter or any of the other social media outlets that I use daily

That my mom seems to be infiltrating.

Sure, I knew she had a FB account. I didn't know that someone would actually take an active interest in showing her how to use it.

Dear young cousin, payback is a bitch.

It's not a huge problem. I've already made my account fairly squeaky clean since I decided to use it for a professional networking tool as well. But still. I mean, shit. Got a message via FB this morning that said,

"m, please give me more information about the money you are raising for cancer. What is this about?"

"Mom, love that you're interested, but what the hell are you talking about???"

And then I realized I probably have a year-old "causes" application lingering someplace on my pages that she has found. Which means she's been routing through my pages.

Like I said, it's not a big deal. At this point, we have probably had all of the outbursts and confrontations possible and are actually pretty cool with our respective selves and each other. And the things I used to worry about her knowing really don't matter any more. And yes, as M pointed out, I am sure she is having a blast, surreptitiously IM'ing her new friends while my dad sulks in front of the TV, sharing pics and bad forwarded email jokes, (Hey wait, maybe this will shrink the bad forwarded email jokes from my inbox....)

But I'm still left feeling like someone wandered into the bathroom while I was in the middle of doing my business. I hate that.

Don't you hate that?


Mo said...

yes. I would be super bummed if my mom got into facebook. bleh. to your mom, i recommend sending an email telling her where she can send donations for your fundraising ("dear mom, please make checks out to..."). That should stop her questions.

Bluebird said...

So hate that. Can't deal with it to the point that I say off sites like that altogether! Sometimes I think about changing my mind, but then I think about the day I get a friend request from my mom (or worse, my MIL) - umm. . . NO!!!

still life angie said...

I was pretty convinced that my mom appearing on facebook was one of the twelve signs of the apocalypse. She manages to find shit on there that surprises me,and then somehow ignores really gigantic stuff. Of course, she does not know the difference between writing on one's wall and sending a private message, so that makes it weird for everyone who I am friends with, so yeah, I totally know what you mean--suddenly there are no locks on the loo.

Anonymous said...

I have decided to keep my blog link away from facebook so that not just anyone can invade my blog. There are certain thoughts that I only feel comfortable sharing with the blogverse so when someone sees something you don't want them to, its frustrating. You try to keep certain things private. *hugs*

Sue said...

My SIL got my MIL on Facebook and it's so annoying. Unfortunately, it has not reduced the number of forwarded e-mail jokes, but maybe things will be different with your mom!

Megan said...

Yes, it's strange how many "selves" I have. I have family Megan. I have friend Megan. I have work Megan. And I have THE REAL MEGAN. It is geting harder and harder to keep those worlds seperate, but in a I get older I care less.

jill said...

I know what you mean - being "friends" with my mom on FB is pretty odd. Odder still was the time that my mom and my dad started fighting (they are divorced and haven't seen each other in probably 25 yrs) in the comments of a status I posted.

dana said...

i can relate. not only does my mom have a FB acct, so do my grandparents...and my IL's. when i didn't immediately accept their 'freinding' requests, i started to get calls asking why. finally, i accepted with the disclaimer that it was my page and that they could be easily offended.

and now my mother some how found out that i have a twitter and has been trying to figure that one out since june...sigh.