Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm Blaming the Drugs

Because there's no other rational explanation.

There seems to be an America's Top Model marathon on today. Hours of it.

And I seem to be watching the whole. damn. thing.

This happened to me once before - but it was the Real World. And I was in college.

Totally different.

I am a damn growned up woman. And this is ANTM (I only know that's an acceptable acronym because it keeps flashing across the screen). And dudes, I HATE Ty.ra. I mean, with a passion. As in, spent numerous blog posts taking her name in vain. I even had a sticker.

And yet here I am.


Two weeks is a long, maddening time.

And PS - exactly when did size 10 = "plus size"?



Mother Knows Best Reviews said...

Oh, my gosh, I did the same thing this Saturday! I think it's the increased estrogen. It's the same thing that makes me watch Sex and the City if it's on. :)

Anonymous said...

You know its funny I never got into top model or sex in the city, but I think the drugs make you do funny things *hugs*

Just me said...

I'm an ANTM fan too... don't tell me who won the most recent if you know because it's on my DVR and I didn't watch yet.

Ty.ra bugs me too. It bothers me that she clearly thinks she's smarter than she is. And she makes up words. Gah.

Bluebird said...

I have so been there. Once with ANTP. And, I'm even more ashamed to say, once with the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Made for a completley fabulous, mind numbing day :)

Catherine W said...

I've been there too. I love ANTM (nice acronym by the way) in a love/hateish way and I find it horribly easy to watch episode after episode. Sans drugs.

Is it wrong that I don't mind Tyra? I always quite liked her but if you had a sticker I'm thinking that maybe my judgement is off. Or perhaps I'm just brainwashed from watching too much ANTM.

Hope it is making this little bit of the two weeks pass more quickly. xo

Kami said...

If 10 is a plus size then it must be awfully big. Stupid.

I have been thinking of you lately and wishing you good things!