Tuesday, December 16, 2008

F*rtility N*tes

Now that I'm spending some serious time on my blog I realize that my links and sidebar desperately need updating. One thing I was NOT expecting was to have my beloved blog project F*rtility Notes redirected to a site that I am not too crazy about.

Just so you know, I had written F*rtility Notes - All the News Your Womb Can Use for over a year using my real name. It was a fact-based blog focused on fertility news and events as well as highlighting lots of you here in the IF community.

When the blog network decided to "retire" the blog, I knew there would be a chance they would merge the content into another blog, but I had been hoping for inclusion in certain ones and not others. Just so you know, if you had a link to F*rtility Notes on your blog, where it goes now is NOT ME. It is NOT F*rtility Notes; it is a completely separate and different blog.

Bummer. This totally bums me out.

But reminds me that f*ck. I still know how to write. I can still gather information. It seems I have some time on my hands and that I will indeed, be back on the IF wagon. My life is still affected by medical research and development, by the emergence of the oncofertility field and the continued ignorance of others. I bet yours are too.

I hereby proclaim that F*rtility N*tes will be resurrected here on this site. Not known by the same name, but certainly the same spirit.

H*ll, I bet I even still have some prizes to give away...

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~Hollie said...

Alrighty! Let the writing commence!