Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Solstice

My dear friend H. shared this with me after reading my last post. I love it. I have to share it. H., I hope you don't mind:

It has often been said that the greatest joy tends to follow deep sorrow. What is so wonderful about the winter solstice is that once we are past that moment of time we can look forward to brighter skies. Slowly at first, then more rapidly as we go into January and February, days get longer and everything around helps us celebrate the increase of light. It speaks well for the human spirit that our greatest religious celebrations take place at winter solstice time, as people radiate warmth of fellowship and love on these dimmer days. The festivals of darker days are really celebrations of light.

In one of his plays, Shakespeare said, "Darkness has its uses." It seems appropriate that our long winter nights shimmer with the brightest stars: Orion, Canis Major, Gemini, Taurus, to name a few beautiful winter constellations. The light they send at night to inspire our minds makes up for the loss of daylight. When we see these brilliant winter stars, migrating farther west each evening, we know with certainty that once more light is on the rise, for we have passed the point of lowest illumination and are surely headed toward warmer days.
Happy Solstice, all. Here's to warmer days.

12 comments: said...

It indeed is a wonderful post from H. Thanks so much for sharing....Good Luck!

ICLW Trippin'!

White Picket Fences said...

"Here's to warmer days" ...agreed.
The lengthening of days ...something that happens so slowly we barely notice it day to day something I always think about when I think of healing.

Here from ICLW ...just read your entire blog ...may your christmas be peaceful ...

Mo said...

That is exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you for sharing it. I hope it comes true for all of us.


Cara said...

I am so glad you shared. It is a dark, snowy day here. Not our first and certain not to be our last this winter, but the light shines through. Thank you.


Bella said...

I am so sorry for your loss and I wish you brighter & warmer days ahead.


Mo said...

This is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.

I wrote about the solstice in my blog today too. Hoping that things will get better from here on out for both of us.

I really admire your strength and resilience.


Lisa DG said...

That sums it up- onward and up... To better we get to really appreciate happiness when we experience it, more so than those who never have known despair.

Kara said...

This post was so poignant to how I am feeling today, thank you for sharing.

Happy Solstice


Echloe said...

i say enjoy the winter. embrace the cold.

Happy ICLW

Beautiful Mess said...

That's a beautiful picture and beautiful words. Thank you for sharing!

lostintranslation said...

That's very beautiful. Here's to warmer days indeed. Thinking of you. *ICLW*

Anonymous said...

that is so true! guess i'd never thought of it like that, but thanks for sharing! as much as i love winter, i am looking forward to longer days with sunlight!