Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ahh, Good Point

A very, very smart pal of mine just emailed me and wondered if I had ever had a bone density scan.

The answer is no but it is something that I had been thinking about as probably a good thing to do for a while now. Since my menstrual cycle and ovary function disappeared with my chemo and radiation at age 13 never to return without the coaxing of birth control pills (the cycle, not the function), and since there were huge stretches of time that I went without those pills (you know, just to see what would happen), I have been more or less pre-menopausal for well over a decade. Scratch that. Two? Christ I'm old.

So, that can't be good for bones. And my very smart pal was wondering if weak bone density contributed to my fracture. Hmm. A very good question. One that I'll ask my new orthopedic specialist tomorrow.

As soon as I get home from my super fun night tonight. I promise I will only dance on my good leg.


Anonymous said...

Your friend is very smart, indeed. Hope your bones are nice and dense and this fracture is just a freak thing.

Have fun dancing on one leg!

michelle said...

Ahh please tell your friend she has noe encouraged two childhood cancer survivors to get a bone denisty test! One of the reasons I stayed on the pill even after I found out my FSH levels were almost 200 and the chances of me getting pregnant were less than 1% was because of the exact reason you said. I think this entry might just qualify as a tax break if you can call it a public service announcement.

nancy said...

Lame on the fracture. I know my ortho guy by first name (and he knows me too.) Lame.


Good luck on the bone density test.

(the comment moderation word is "asinin" get it? assinine? heh)

Mo said...

hey m,

you ok? awfully quiet over there!

Just know i'm thinking of you.

really sorry to hear about the fracture : (


Skerry said...

How's the bum leg? What about your quest for information about your birth parents? I hope your plans for the memorials for your girls are coming together. Just wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.