Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Night

soup. knees. RE visit. pro-wrestling. talking. funny comment? local news. genealogy....

Do you ever do this? Write yourself little notes to remind yourself about things you want to blog about? I looked at my scratchings and these are some of the topics. It cracks me up because this practice is a holdover from writing high school papers. I'd jot down all the points I would be trying to make in a paper, then just filter it down until I had something that made sense. Add references to points that were relevant; ditch the ones that weren't. Sometimes it worked...

Let's start with the here and now. Right now, I'm reclining, trying to calm my pulsing knees, Gtalking w/ hubby, debating whether I want a cup of the leek and potato soup I just made now or later (prob'ly now...), and watching WWE Smackdown.

Yep, Smackdown. And loving it.

And I don't even want to tell you (but I will ) that this is not the first time that I've watched wrestling this week. Monday night = WWE Raw. Tuesday night = ECW. Friday = Smackdown. And I am here alone. In full control of my TV remote, which BTW, I have figured out how to use, and what do I choose? I choose Smackdown.

Sigh. This all started as a semi-joke. Before his new job, M. got a gig at a blog network writing about one of his true loves - boxing. The catch? The blog was a wrestling, MMA and boxing blog. He negotiated the MMA out, but not the wresting. Fair enough. Seemed a small price to pay for full editorial control and some cool freebies. So we started watching pro-wrestling.

And before you know it, we were fully engrossed in the plot lines. Fully invested in the characters. We chose our villians and our heroes and sometimes we were on the same side. Sometimes not. It was easier to throw on than a movie. More reliable than series that go on hiatus or have season finales far too early. Always new. Always entertaining.

One of the first outings we took the girls (still seedlings then) to was a live taping of WWE Smackdown and ECW at a local arena. That was just a day or two post transfer. It was a blast. And just reaffirmed that we had shifted from ironic observers to dedicated fans. In my quest for mindless distraction this month, I picked up The Hardy Boyz: Exist 2 Inspire at the library. And I just renewed it. Because I'm not finished yet.

Are you laughing at me? I think you're laughing.

The other day I told M. that I needed to go to grad school so I could write my thesis on pro-wrestling. "Ok. what would you write about?" I don't know yet. But it will be awesome.


So, the knees. After a week of not running, a visit to my acupuncturist (miracle worker) and lots of lots of tylenol and ice, I am finally walking without a walking stick and (almost) without a limp. This is what I get for trying to get fit. I am NOT quitting. Just waiting for my legs to feel normal before digging into them again. In the meantime, I'm trying to supplement with swimming and trying not to make M. laugh every time I quasimodo back to the kitchen. And thanking Amy for getting me hooked on these podcasts.


My soup is delicious.


And look, I haven't even started to tell you about yesterday. Which was loooong, but good. In lots of ways. So much for filtering. Stay tuned for a new post.


Skerry said...

Ok I know I will probably be the only one excited about this post...why you ask? My 11yr old daughter (R) and my niece (same age) have become obsessed with WWE Smackdown and ECW. My daughter (R) rushes to get homework done on Monday nights before wrestling, she begs us to let her get pay-per-view so she can watch matches, it is crazy. Well, a few months ago the two of them swindled my sister and I into taking them to WWE Smackdown and ECW event that was here in town. Can I just tell you we were not looking forward to this at all, in fact quite frightened if the truth be told. We had seats in the 10th row, ground floor, the girls could walk up to the ring in between bouts, it was hilarious. We had to buy the promo book and t-shirts, they gave my sister and I a quick lesson in their faves so we decided to root against them...LOL. They love "The Hardy Boyz", "The Miz", John Morrison, Finlay & Hornswoggle and The Great Khali, so sister and I cheered for "Edge", cause he looked hot in his tight pants...hahaha. We ended up having a blast and they both got to touch Jeff Hardy, all the people around us were soo nice, in fact we had a young couple that kept an eye on the girls when they went up close to the fray if we got separated. We have decided to make a yearly Mother/Daughter event. In the meantime we are stocked with T-shirts, Jeff Hardy arm thingys and his necklace, a poster on the back of R's bedroom door and several dvd's including Season 1 of the "Hardy Show". R asked for Season 2 and her Grandmother didn't understand and instead bought her Season 2 of the Hardy Boys & Nancy Drew Mysteries....R was/is, I laughed my ass off.

So there you go, now you know why I was so excited about your post, and now I must go hang my head in shame.

m said...

Skerry, I just read your comment out loud to my husband and we are laughing our asses off. I heart Jeff Hardy and I ALMOST talked him into getting me the arm thingies when we went. LOL. Nancy Drew instead of the Hardy Boyz...Oh gosh, I feel so bad for your daughter, but that is too funny. We had a very similar experience at our event - M was kind of nervous, not sure what to expect and we knew that I wasn't in good shape should there be a such thing. People were so cool. There were so many kids! It was probably one of the most family-friendly events we have attended in a long time. We are def. going back next year. Thanks so much for your "confession"! I am not alone!

Amy said...

I gotta admit, I am laughing a little bit. Ok, maybe a lot. Really? WWE???

The knees sound awful. Be careful and don't rush back in.