Monday, January 5, 2009


Enjoying M. Drinking beer. Waiting for Gossip Girl (it's been so long....). Watching GolTV and getting ideas for future boy names (why are all the cool names Bosnian?). Rolling eyes as we discuss my mom. (crazy! she's crazy! he says) Thinking about making tacos. Vodka will most likely be poured.

As I'm writing this just happened:

"Hey, do you smell something?" "Yeah. Someone's cooking." "Oh. cool." [Five minutes lapse. TV watching resumes] "Oh hey, that's OUR food! Sonofab...." [hubby dashes to kitchen where he realizes he put black bean soup on the stove to heat, like, 20 minutes ago.]

I am laughing my gimpy (sore knee, remember) *ss off. Him, notsomuch.

This feels semi-normal. It feels good.


While you're online you should go vote for Mel for best medical/health blog. Because she's smart. And funny. And a good person. And she writes about things that matter a lot to me and you.


dana said...


This is what happened to us this weekend as we were two houses down visiting with our neighbor on her porch -

the Captain (still recovering from surgery): did you take my pizza out of the oven?
me: No.
cap: Oh. Do you remember how long it's supposed to cook for?
me: 10 min.
cap: Oh.
me: How long has it been in there?
cap: I dunno...put it in like 5min before....holy shit! go get it, go, run, go! You can get there faster than me! HURRY!!

LMAO! It was HILARIOUS! He's still recovering and moves very, very slowly and I was running (remember my comment about how I run? haha!) Anyway, pizza was blackened and I was surprised our house was still standing and not in flames. LOL!

But the kicker - our neighbor is a firefighter! ;)

Glad things are getting back to feeling a bit normal, at least at times. Normal can be nice, huh?

m said...

@ dana. So, here I am, laughing at your comment. Hubby says, what's so funny?? I explain. He says, wait. Did you blog about my soup fiasco?? Um yes. WTF? he says. More laughter from me. It's funny.

Ryan's Mommy said...

I am glad that I'm not the only one who has burned black bean soup. :-)

Anonymous said...

It also happened to us last Christmas vacation together with my cousin's, sisters and my brother.I forgot the food I put in the oven then my cousin who had a big hole of nose smell the food that is burning.

Mo said...

Here's to some moments of semi-normalcy! glad you're not in the "brown" place at this moment. There's movement, emotional movement. And you're documenting it all. So if you get stuck later, you can look back and see - there is progress here. Remarkable growth and progress, really, given all you've been through.



Skerry said...

Good for you, writing your Mom an email, I hope that your relationship can be mended, but if not I hope that you will have peace so you and M can move forward in your journey. Wow...that was a long sentence...haha. Working from the recliner sounds like my kind of work. Are you still planning a service to honor your girls? Just wondering how that was coming along. I'll add your bum knee to my prayers when I think of you.
By the way...Disney was beautiful like you said, but we will never go during a Holiday was packed to capacity..they were turning people away.

m said...

@skerry - we are still planning some memorials. Probably in the spring since they all involve outdoorsy kinds of things. We'll most likely keep them small and private and let let folks know what we've done so they can visit the areas if they'd like. I'll post details soon. Thanks so much for asking.

Anonymous said...

i LOVE gossip girl! it makes me feel good to hear someone i respect say they like it too...its sort of my guilty pleasure. Just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you and your husband and your girls. -Kylene

stacyb said...

i love gossip girl.